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2024: the year of road trips and staycations for budget-strapped travelers

Between $10/gallon gas and unaffordable eggs, it’s no secret Americans have had to tighten their budgets this past year and postpone luxuries like travel.

November 10, 2023
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Jan 23
A family leans out of the window of their car while on vacation.

As 2023 comes to a close,, a savings and earnings app, surveyed over 1,300 Americans to understand how people are planning to approach travel next year. 69% of respondents shared they’re already gearing up for travel in 2024, with 92% intending to travel the same amount or more than they did in this year.

Take a look at key takeaways from this year’s survey. 

Domestic Destinations are Trendy

In a return to pre-pandemic levels, 67% of respondents indicated they plan to take one to two trips in 2024. What's notably different this year is the dominance of domestic travel, with over half (54%) favoring road trips within the US, especially to the Southeast region. Conversely, international travel, cruises, and adventure tourism take a backseat, with even staycations (23%) surpassing these options.

The Return of the Hotel

According to the survey, 48% of respondents shared that they plan to use a hotel for their travel accommodations, with only 17% considering an Airbnb or a similar service. Why are hotels making a comeback? They’re cheaper and a more reliable experience with less restrictions. At, we found that hotels booked through us cost an average of $63.75 per person per night, while Airbnb cost $125 per person per night. 

Savings Accounts and Credit Cards Will Foot the Bill 

So how are travelers planning to fund their vacations next year? Nearly half of respondents (49%) are planning to tap into their savings, while 28% are considering the trusty ol' credit card to fund their getaways. Although money can't buy happiness, it can surely pay for gas, buy plane tickets, or hotel rooms. With 56% of those surveyed feeling the effects of inflation, specifically on their travel plans, its crucial consumers take time to tweak their budget and adopt money-savvy strategies. 

Bonus: Space Tourism is Peaking Interest

In recent years, consumers have heard more about space travel with the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Pete Davidson discussing their blast off. We asked Americans if they’d be interested and one-third said yes! 


It’s clear Americans are eager to travel in 2024, but with tighter budgets, they are opting for road trips and staycations that are more affordable, but still offer a unique and relaxing stay. That said, Americans should take advantage of new earning and saving opportunities to travel debt-free! 

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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