The game of life is rigged

We’re giving away $50,000!

2,000 lucky winners will win between $10 and $10,000. Winners announced soon!

The Game of Life is rigged

For over 80 years, families have gathered around the table for an innocent evening playing The Game of Life.

And for over 80 years, kids were taught they start with wads of cash ($200,000!), a car, and their choice of a career and college, and a guaranteed path to a comfy retirement.

As it turns out, that’s not what life is like for most people. While the Hasbro team has taken steps to “modernize” the board game, Super is rewriting the rulebook to reflect what’s actually going on in America today.

See how the game is rigged!

Leveling The Playing Field in the Game of (Real) Life

Because we don’t all start with six figures in our pocket, we’re giving you the chance to fund your REAL life.

Cash towards that student loan…

without having to land on the right square.

Money for your wedding…

because weddings cost more than plastic pegs.

A few mortgage payments...

to pretend you’re living in Millionaire Estates for a while.

A sitter for the night or daycare...

since babies don’t pay for themselves.

A holiday season to remember...

since gifts don’t grow on trees.

The sweepstakes has ended!

Winners will be announced prior to January 30, 2023. But you can still be a winner every day! See how Super helps you save money and live the life you deserve.


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