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It's a better way to pay. No limit to the cashback you can earn and no credit check to apply. Start earning cash today!

• Earn unlimited cashback1 on all purchases
• No minimum balance or credit check4
• Can boost your credit score2
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How it works

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You work hard for your money

So we made a card that helps you keep even more of it.

You know, a card that actually has your back – helping you earn unlimited cashback on every purchase instead of nothing (looking at you, debit cards).

You get credit card perks and reduce the chance of debt because you’re using your own money. You might even boost your credit score, too!

Plus, earn even more cashback on qualifying purchases within the Super app or on! *mic drop* So sit back, relax, and make it rain.

Let’s break it down


Hidden fees
0% APR
No credit check
No minimum income or balance
Unlimited cashback on all purchases
Build credit as you use your card
Zero fraud liability6
Quick replacement for lost or stolen cards
Debit cards
Secured cards
Credit cards
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Let’s break it down

$0 fee
0% APR
No credit check
No minimum income or balance
2% cashback on all purchases
Build credit as you use your card
Zero fraud liability6
Quick replacement for lost or stolen cards
Debit card
Secured card
Credit card
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Safety & security is our top priority

Since your new card is a part of the Mastercard® network, it includes zero-fraud liability, quick replacement for lost or stolen cards, and more.

SuperCash uses bank-level security and encryption so you can fund with confidence.

Safely build your credit

We report your activity to all three credit bureaus to show 'em you're responsible – which can help build your credit without even thinking about it.

Plus, you can monitor your credit progress right from the app! Imagine all the amazing things you can do with a higher score.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

What is the SuperCash Card?

The SuperCash card is a secured credit card product, meaning that it is technically a credit card, but works like a debit card in the sense that you need to add funds to the card before you can use it.

Is it a secured card?

Yup! But it’s an alternative to a traditional debit or credit card because your credit limit is equal to the amount of money in your account. This helps reduce the risk of falling into debt as it uses money you already have in your account, like a debit card. The cool thing about us is you can improve your credit simply by using your SuperCash account to make everyday purchases. We’ll report all your transactions to the credit bureaus every month so you can make stable progress without even thinking about it. You can also use the Super app to check the progress of your credit score!

Not to mention, you get unlimited cashback everywhere you shop so you’ll be improving your credit score and earning big time.

Who can use SuperCash?

Seriously, everybody. There are zero credit checks so your previous history doesn’t mean a thing. Just prove you’re a real person with a US social security number and you must be 18 years or older – you’ll usually get approved in a few minutes!

Does SuperCash charge any fees?

We don't currently charge monthly or annual fees. We also removed every other fee we could: such as no signup fees, no transaction fees, and no overdraft charges. Oh, and no minimum balances either. In rare cases, there's a small fee to expedite a replacement if your card is lost or stolen.

How does SuperCash protect my money?

We comply with all federal regulations and we use top tech to keep your information safe and private.

How does growing credit work?

There are three US bureaus that keep track of everyone’s score through payment history and public records. We report to these agencies monthly, so you can make stable growth.

How do I start using my SuperCash Card?

As soon as you complete the onboarding process and pass identity verification, you can add funds to your account and start earning cashback. Once the funds are loaded, you can add the virtual card to your mobile wallet of choice.

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• Unlimited cashback
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• Credit building
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