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Romantic hotels in Charlotte

Dive into the heart of Charlotte, with our curated list of the city's most romantic hotels, each offering a unique blend of ambiance, luxury, and Southern charm.

October 12, 2023
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Jan 22
A view of the Charlotte skyline.

Looking to fan the flames of romance in the Queen City? Well, you're in luck! We're bringing you the top romantic hotels in Charlotte that will make your heart skip a beat. So, buckle up and get ready for a journey filled with love, luxury, and a dash of Southern charm.

The Morehead Inn

Tucked away in the picturesque Dilworth neighborhood, The Morehead Inn exudes a sense of refined Southern romance. This charming inn, with its delightful blend of traditional decor and genteel hospitality, transports guests to a more graceful and leisurely time. Each room is adorned with period furnishings and offers a cozy, intimate setting for couples. The veranda, overlooking the lush gardens, provides a serene spot for sipping sweet tea and basking in each other's company. The Morehead Inn, with its warm ambiance and attentive service, is a haven for couples seeking a romantic getaway steeped in Southern elegance.

The Ivey's Hotel

Nestled amidst the vibrant pulse of Charlotte's city center, The Ivey's Hotel emerges as an oasis of serenity and romance. It masterfully marries its rich historical essence with touches of contemporary elegance. This harmonious blend crafts an ambiance that's both intimate and grand, making it an idyllic setting for couples to escape the world and find solace in each other's company.

The Dunhill Hotel

The Dunhill Hotel is a journey through time, a place where the romantic tales of yesteryears come alive. Every brick and beam of this historic establishment resonates with stories, offering couples a chance to script their own timeless love saga. Its old-world allure is palpable, making every moment spent here feel like a scene from a classic romance film.

Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel

Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel is where modern sophistication meets romantic comfort. Every aspect of this hotel, from its avant-garde decor to its snug rooms, is designed to cater to couples yearning for a blend of style and intimacy. It's more than just a place to stay; it's a sanctuary where love stories flourish amidst contemporary elegance.

The Ballantyne, A Luxury Collection Hotel

The Ballantyne is a tribute to the grace and warmth of Southern living. Set against sprawling landscapes, this hotel offers an experience drenched in refined elegance and unparalleled hospitality. Whether you're dining under the stars or simply strolling through its majestic grounds, The Ballantyne ensures every moment is steeped in romance and charm.

Le MĂ©ridien Charlotte

For couples who thrive on modern aesthetics, Le MĂ©ridien Charlotte is a dream come true. Its minimalist design, complemented by breathtaking city panoramas, sets the stage for contemporary romance. The rooftop bar, with its enchanting sunset views, offers the perfect setting for whispered sweet nothings and clinked glasses.

The Westin Charlotte

The Westin Charlotte is where romance and wellness intertwine. This hotel is dedicated to rejuvenating both the heart and the soul, making it ideal for couples who cherish holistic experiences. From spa treatments to fitness regimes, every amenity here is designed to nourish the body and kindle the flames of love.

Charlotte Marriott City Center

For those who find romance in the city's energetic rhythm, the Charlotte Marriott City Center is a match made in heaven. Positioned at the city's core, this hotel offers immediate access to Charlotte's myriad attractions. It's a hub of excitement and convenience, ensuring your romantic escapades are always surrounded by urban vibrancy.

Grand Bohemian Hotel Charlotte

The Grand Bohemian Hotel is a canvas of artistic expression and bohemian spirit. Every nook and cranny of this establishment celebrates creativity, making it a haven for couples who cherish unique, artistic experiences. Dive into its eclectic ambiance and discover a world where love and art dance in harmonious tandem.

Omni Charlotte Hotel

Located in the bustling center of Charlotte, this hotel encapsulates the essence of Southern hospitality blended with luxurious comfort. The Omni's rooms offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, with plush furnishings and panoramic views of the cityscape. The rooftop pool and lounge provide an exclusive oasis for relaxation and intimate conversations under the stars.
These romantic hotels in Charlotte are your ticket to an unforgettable romantic escapade. Remember, the essence of romance isn't just about where you are, it's about who you're with and the memories you create together. Here's to love-filled adventures in the Queen City!

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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