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Relaxing bars in Orlando

Discover the top spots in Orlando where you can unwind with a drink in hand.

November 13, 2023
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Jan 12
A view of the Orlando skyline.

Orlando, known for its theme parks and bustling nightlife, also boasts some of the most tranquil bars where you can escape the daily grind. Whether you're a local or just visiting, these bars offer a serene atmosphere, perfect for those moments when you just want to relax and take a breather. Let's dive into some of the best spots in town.

High T

Step into High T and you're transported to a whimsical world inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This bar is a dreamlike escape, where craft cocktails with names like “Maybe I’m Dreaming” and “Travel by Hat” tantalize the taste buds and stir the imagination. With its over-the-top decor, High T is more than just a bar – it's an adventure down the rabbit hole. Perfect for those seeking a unique, thematic experience, it’s a playful and visually stunning spot where every sip and sight feels like part of a fantastical journey.

Blue Lagoon Lounge

Imagine sipping on a cocktail while overlooking a serene lagoon. That's the experience Blue Lagoon Lounge promises. This bar is not just about drinks; it's about the entire experience. The tropical-themed decor, complete with bamboo accents and tiki torches, transports you straight to a beachy paradise. Their specialty? Tropical drinks that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. The bartenders here take pride in their craft, ensuring that each drink is a masterpiece in its own right. And if you get hungry, their menu offers a range of tropical-inspired dishes that complement the drinks perfectly.

Zymarium Meadery

Orlando's premier meadery, Zymarium, offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Renowned for their award-winning meads, such as "Shadow of Desire" and "Honeys Getting Money," this 6,000-square-foot establishment blends the charm of a traditional bar with the intrigue of a mead production area. Whether you're attending a special event or simply savoring their fermented honey spirits, Zymarium Meadery presents a unique fusion of ancient brewing techniques and modern flavors, making it a must-visit destination for both mead connoisseurs and curious newcomers alike.

Orlando's Secret Garden

Hidden in plain sight, Orlando's Secret Garden is a gem waiting to be discovered. This bar is all about nature. With its indoor plants, water features, and nature-inspired decor, you'll feel like you've stepped into a tranquil forest. The drinks menu is inspired by nature too, with cocktails named after various plants and flowers. The staff here is friendly and attentive, ensuring that every guest feels at home. Whether you're looking to catch up with friends or spend some quality time with a loved one, Orlando's Secret Garden offers the perfect setting.


Forward/Slash is a haven for whiskey enthusiasts. This innovative distillery showcases barrel-aged American whiskey, bourbon, and rye, sourced from the country's finest distillers. With a tasting room, cocktail bar, and bottle shop, it offers a comprehensive whiskey experience. The ambiance merges industrial chic with warm, welcoming tones, creating an ideal setting for savoring refined spirits. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey aficionado or a curious newcomer, Forward/Slash provides a unique opportunity to explore a wide array of exquisite American whiskies in a sophisticated yet relaxed environment.

Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Hanson’s Shoe Repair is a speakeasy that transports patrons back to the Prohibition era. With a daily password required for entry, this bar offers an exclusive and intimate rooftop terrace setting. The decor, reminiscent of the 1920s, complements the expertly crafted cocktails that are both classic and innovative. This hidden gem, known for its stylish vibe and unique ambiance, is perfect for those seeking a secretive and nostalgic night out. Hanson’s is not just a bar; it’s a time capsule that offers a glimpse into a bygone era of elegance and mystery.

The Courtesy

The Courtesy, located in Winter Park, is a cornerstone in Orlando's craft cocktail scene. Replacing their original Downtown Orlando location, this bar has become a destination for modern mixology. With a contemporary ambiance, ample seating, and a menu featuring handcrafted cocktails, it's a top choice for a sophisticated night out. The Courtesy also boasts an exclusive menu from Swine and Sons, elevating the experience with gourmet bites. It’s a place where expert bartenders and a chic atmosphere combine to create a memorable evening, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate the art of a well-crafted drink.


Bellhop, nestled in the historic Angebilt Hotel, is a downtown Orlando icon. Designed by former Walt Disney World Imagineers, the bar exudes a glamorous vintage hotel lobby ambiance. Its gleaming wood bar, glass and feathered chandeliers, and plush lounge seating set a sophisticated tone. By day, it's a moody coffee bar, and by night, an elevated cocktail lounge. The Bellhop is a unique blend of history and modern luxury, offering an elevated experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life, along with the intrigue of a storied past.

The Falcon Bar and Gallery

The Falcon Bar and Gallery is a fusion of art, music, and socializing, is a cultural epicenter in Orlando's Thornton Park. Known for its unique combination of visual arts and lively entertainment, this bar hosts themed art shows, open mic nights, trivia, and live music, providing a dynamic backdrop to every visit. The ever-changing selection of craft beer and wine caters to diverse tastes, while the dog-friendly policy adds to its laid-back, neighborhood charm. The Falcon Bar and Gallery is not just a bar but a community hub where art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike can enjoy a relaxed and creatively stimulating atmosphere.

Stardust Lounge

Stardust Lounge, nestled beneath downtown Orlando, is a retro haven adjacent to Lake Eola Park. Known for its vibrant live entertainment, including burlesque shows and 80s nights, the lounge boasts a Vegas-inspired style with red leather booths and chrome accents. This underground bar transports guests to the glitz of the 60s and 70s, offering a unique and nostalgic nightlife experience. It's a destination for those seeking a blend of retro charm and contemporary fun in a setting that feels like a step back in time.Orlando might be bustling with energy, but it also offers pockets of calm and relaxation. Each of these bars has its own unique charm, ensuring that there's something for everyone. So, the next time you're in the city and in need of a break, you know where to go. Cheers to finding your perfect spot to unwind!

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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