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Relaxing bars in Atlanta

Delve into the top places in Atlanta where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a meticulously crafted cocktail or a cold pint.

October 30, 2023
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Jan 12
A view of the Atlanta skyline at night.

Atlanta, with its dynamic energy and bursting creativity, offers a haven of bars where the everyday hustles of life can momentarily fade away as you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. We're venturing into the corners of the city to bring you the top relaxing bars where you can unwind with a fine drink and good company. Allow us to escort you through the streets of this spirited city to destinations where relaxation meets sophistication.

Joystick Gamebar

A true emblem of creativity nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Edgewood, Joystick Gamebar beckons patrons with a kaleidoscope of arcade games that echo with nostalgia. Here, every moment is brimming with laughter and camaraderie as friends old and new gather to share drinks from a menu curated with diligence and affection. Whether it’s challenging a mate to a game or finding comfort in the retro vibes, Joystick delivers an experience dipped in nostalgia and coupled with a modern touch, offering much more than just a night out. It is the embodiment of joyous connections and shared laughter, urging you to linger just a bit longer as you revisit your favorite childhood games.

Kimball House

Step into an era of grace and elegance at the Kimball House in Decatur, a place that stands as a timeless testament to southern sophistication. This establishment welcomes visitors with a heartwarming embrace, offering a rich menu that boasts a diverse array of beverages to suit every palette. Engaging conversations flow seamlessly here, where every encounter transcends a mere visit, morphing into a beautiful memory intricately woven with delicate flavors and effervescent laughs. Kimball House is more than a bar; it's a rich tapestry of experiences, embroidered with moments of joy and relaxation that beckon you to return time and again.

Little Spirit

Embark on a delightful journey at Little Spirit in Inman Park, a sanctuary that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Atlanta in the most delightful way. Here, the atmosphere is as rich and inviting as the meticulously crafted cocktails that promise a carnival of flavors with each sip. It’s a space that encourages casual conversations and hearty laughs, offering a retreat where you can truly unwind and savor the joyful moments life offers. Little Spirit stands as a vibrant yet relaxing haven, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in an artistic and joyful rendition of Atlanta's pulsating spirit.

Golden Eagle

In the historic neighborhood of Reynoldstown, Golden Eagle is housed in a transformed 1940s train depot, providing an ambiance that speaks of charm and elegance intertwined. This bar invites you to step back in time, offering a space that is simultaneously plush and inviting, where each element narrates tales from a bygone era, resonating with stories of glamour and simplicity. It is a magical nook in the city, presenting a serene atmosphere that is a seamless blend of history and modernity, allowing you to escape the everyday and immerse in a world of elegance and grace.


Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that’s both eccentric and comforting at Church on Edgewood Avenue. This unconventional bar is more like an artwork that unfolds with each step you take, offering a dynamic landscape where fun and tranquility coexist harmoniously. It is a place where each corner holds a secret, narrating tales through its quirky yet endearing decor. Whether you are in the mood for a quiet reflection or a hearty laugh with friends, Church offers a unique backdrop where each visit becomes a cherished memory, a place that truly enriches the soul with its celestial atmosphere.

The Blind Pig Parlour Bar

Discover a world of intimacy and refined elegance at The Blind Pig Parlour Bar in the heart of Buckhead. This secret gem whispers tales from the prohibition era, offering a space where modernity meets history with a subtle yet definite charm. Here, you can share whispers and laughter in corners that resonate with secrets and stories from yesteryears, all while enjoying a fine selection of cocktails that promise a journey of flavors, meticulously crafted to tantalize your senses. It is a venue that transports you to a time of elegance and secrecy, encouraging whispers of delightful secrets shared over impeccably crafted drinks.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

In Little Five Points, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub stands as a testament to Atlanta's rich history, welcoming patrons into a space that breathes life into stories from the past. Set in a historic Victorian home, this place offers an ambiance that is both rustic and refined, presenting a selection of craft beers that narrate tales of the city’s vibrant culture with every sip. It's a place that feels like home, encouraging patrons to relax and engage in heartfelt conversations, while enjoying locally brewed perfection, a true embodiment of Atlanta’s warm and inviting spirit.

Bon Ton

Bon Ton in Midtown paints a vivid picture of Atlanta's vibrant culture, offering a radiant space where New Orleans flair meets Vietnamese influence. This bar is a celebration of diversity and unity, presenting a menu that is a harmonious blend of different cultures, bringing to life a lively and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome. It’s a place of joyful encounters, promising an enriching experience that is both colorful and warm, offering a delightful escape into a world of flavors and camaraderie, where every visit promises a vibrant celebration of life.

Leon’s Full Service

At Leon's Full Service in Decatur, experience the warm embrace of community and hospitality in a setting that is casual yet elegant. The bar stands as a pillar of the neighborhood, offering an expansive outdoor seating area that welcomes you to bask in the beautiful Atlanta weather while indulging in fine beverages crafted with affection and expertise. Leon’s is more than a bar; it is a home away from home, a place that fosters connections and celebrates the joyous moments of life with a touch of elegance and a heartwarming smile.

SOS Tiki Bar

Embark on a vibrant journey at SOS Tiki Bar in Decatur, a tropical oasis in the heart of the city that offers an energetic and lively atmosphere for patrons to unwind. Here, the cocktails are crafted with a finesse that promises a burst of tropical flavors with every sip, transporting you to a paradise where the spirit is always high and the vibes always positive. SOS Tiki Bar stands as a radiant hub where the mood is festive and the atmosphere electric, offering a spirited escape into a world of joy and relaxation, a place where the city’s vibrant soul comes alive in the most delightful way.As you wander through the picturesque streets of Atlanta, let these top bars be your oasis of relaxation, offering not just a drink but an enriching experience to soothe your spirit. Let yourself loose and cherish the distinct charm that each of these establishments has to offer, for in Atlanta, relaxation is not just an act, but an art crafted to perfection.

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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