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Kid-friendly restaurants in Philadelphia

Discover the top dining spots in Philadelphia that cater to both adults and children, ensuring a delightful experience for the entire family.

September 29, 2023
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Jan 12
A view of the Philadelphia skyline, with Philadelphia City Hall in the background.

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is not just rich in history but also in its culinary offerings. For families looking to dine out, finding the perfect spot that caters to both the refined tastes of adults and the playful palates of children can be a challenge. But fret not, as we've curated a list of the best kid-friendly restaurants in the city. Each of these establishments promises a unique dining experience that will leave both you and your little ones craving for more.

The Please Touch Museum's Please Taste Café

The Please Taste Café, located within the Please Touch Museum, offers a unique blend of education and gastronomy. Here, children are encouraged to engage all their senses. As they explore interactive exhibits, they can also savor a variety of dishes that are both nutritious and delicious. This café ensures that every meal becomes an enlightening experience, blending the joys of learning with the pleasures of dining.


SquareBurger is more than just your average burger place. Nestled beside the iconic Franklin Square Park, this eatery offers a diverse menu that caters specifically to children. Beyond the scrumptious burgers, there are numerous playful dishes that will captivate the imagination of the young ones. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are both entertained and well-fed, making it a perfect family outing.

Lil Pop Shop

Step into Lil Pop Shop, and you're greeted by a burst of colors and a lively atmosphere reminiscent of classic American diners. This establishment prides itself on its extensive menu that features comfort food with an innovative twist. Whether it's a classic grilled cheese or a unique ice cream flavor, children will be in for a delightful culinary surprise with every visit.

Adventure Aquarium's Marketplace

Located within the Adventure Aquarium, the Marketplace offers families a delightful dining experience surrounded by aquatic wonders. As kids marvel at the marine life around them, they can enjoy a menu tailored to their tastes. From fish and chips to healthy wraps, the café ensures that young explorers are well-fed before they continue their underwater adventure. Parents can relax, savoring their meals, knowing their children are both entertained and nourished in this unique setting.

Green Eggs Café

Green Eggs Café is a brunch-style restaurant that believes in serving quality food without compromising on the environment. With a commitment to sustainability, they offer a menu that's both delicious and eco-friendly. Kids will love their playful takes on classic breakfast items, like the cookie dough-stuffed French toast or the kid-sized veggie scrambles. The café's vibrant and welcoming atmosphere ensures that families can enjoy a leisurely meal, making it a must-visit spot in Philadelphia.

El Vez

El Vez stands out with its vibrant Mexican offerings in a lively, colorful ambiance. Their kids' menu is a refreshing departure from the norm, introducing young diners to authentic Mexican flavors in a kid-friendly manner. The lively atmosphere ensures that every meal feels like a mini fiesta.

Honey's Sit 'N Eat

Imagine the warmth of grandma's kitchen combined with a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. That's what Honey's Sit 'N Eat offers. With its home-style cooking and cozy setting, it's a place where families can bond over delicious meals, reminiscent of cherished family gatherings.

Reading Terminal Market's Dutch Eating Place

A visit to Philadelphia is incomplete without a stop at the historic Reading Terminal Market. Among its many offerings, the Dutch Eating Place stands out as a favorite for families. Serving Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, kids can enjoy dishes like apple dumplings, homemade chicken pot pie, and sausage sandwiches. The open seating area allows children to observe the bustling market activities, making dining an immersive experience. Parents can relish authentic Amish cuisine, ensuring a delightful meal for the entire family.

Sabrina's Café

Sabrina’s Café is the ultimate brunch destination in Philadelphia. With a menu that ranges from sweet pancakes to savory omelets, it promises a feast for every palate. The café's welcoming ambiance ensures that families can enjoy a leisurely meal, making brunch the highlight of their day.


Experience the rich flavors of Israel at Zahav. The restaurant, with its warm and inviting setting, offers a menu that's both adult and kid-friendly. It's a culinary journey that introduces families to the diverse tastes of Israeli cuisine, making every visit a memorable one.Philadelphia's dining scene is as diverse as its history. These kid-friendly restaurants ensure that families can enjoy the city's culinary delights without any compromises. Each establishment offers a unique experience, ensuring that dining out becomes a cherished family tradition. So, the next time you're in Philly, make sure to visit these gems and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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