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Kid-friendly day trips from Atlanta

Unlock the treasure trove of Atlanta’s surroundings with these top kid-friendly day excursions.

October 26, 2023
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Jan 12
A view of the Atlanta skyline at night.

Atlanta, a city buzzing with life, offers not just in-city adventures but also a plethora of day trip destinations that promise bucket loads of fun for the kiddos. Picture this - unique learning experiences, vast open spaces to burn off that never-ending energy, and loads of laughter with every new discovery. Let's dive into these handpicked destinations where fun meets learning and where every family member, no matter their age, can have a good time.

Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

Situated in the picturesque landscapes surrounding Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park beckons families with its delightful mix of natural and man-made attractions. The massive granite mountain is a sight to behold and offers an amazing backdrop for family photos. The Skyride offers breathtaking views while safely transporting you to the top. Adventure seekers can have their fair share of fun with activities like the SkyHike Adventure Course and the Geyser Towers. Little ones will be enthralled by the Dinotorium, where they can engage in interactive games and have a roaring time. As the day winds down, nothing beats the mesmerizing laser show that lights up the mountain with vibrant colors, weaving a tale that is both enchanting and exciting.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Just a short drive from Atlanta and you will reach the enchanting city of Chattanooga in neighboring Tennessee. A city filled with wonders, it houses the fascinating Tennessee Aquarium, a place where the underwater world comes alive with mesmerizing exhibits featuring creatures from the deep blue. Moreover, the Creative Discovery Museum stands as a beacon for budding artists and musicians, providing a space to learn and nurture their talents through interactive exhibits. The Riverfront Park invites families to enjoy scenic river views and indulge in leisurely boat rides. It's a destination that effortlessly combines education with a whole lot of fun.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia

Escape to the peaceful embrace of Callaway Gardens, where nature unveils its beauty in every corner. It’s a paradise for butterfly enthusiasts, with the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center housing thousands of these enchanting creatures. Kids would love the vibrant splash pad during summer, while the extensive network of trails invites young explorers to venture on a biking adventure. With seasonal events including a spectacular Christmas lights display, it's a place that offers fresh delights with every visit, fostering a deep connection with nature in the young hearts.

Six Flags Over Georgia, Georgia

Thrills and spills await at Six Flags Over Georgia, where every turn brings a new adventure. The young and the young-at-heart will find their adrenaline match with roller coasters that defy gravity and water rides that promise a splashing good time. But it’s not all about thrills; the park also features gentler rides for the little ones, ensuring smiles all around. Beyond rides, Six Flags offers a range of attractions including entertaining shows and dining options that cater to all taste buds, making it a comprehensive destination for a day of joyous escapades.

Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

A hidden gem in the lush landscapes of Georgia, Amicalola Falls State Park stands as a testament to nature's beauty. The centerpiece, the magnificent 729-foot waterfall, presents a splendid sight, captivating everyone who lays eyes on it. Families can indulge in healthy competition with races to the top, where picturesque views await. Apart from the falls, the park offers a plethora of activities including zip-lining and 3-D archery, ensuring a day filled with excitement and bonding as families navigate through the adventures together.

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

Prepare to be transported to an underwater world at the Georgia Aquarium, where curiosity meets wonder. The Ocean Voyager exhibit promises an unforgettable experience with an acrylic tunnel allowing visitors to walk under a sea teeming with sharks, rays, and vibrant schools of fish. The aquatic show, "Undersea Superheroes," is a hit with kids, showcasing the marvels of the marine world through engaging narratives. With numerous interactive zones, including touch pools and immersive exhibits, it fosters a spirit of discovery and a deeper appreciation for our oceans.

World of Coca-Cola, Georgia

Dive into the effervescent world of Coca-Cola, a place where history meets fun. Kids can become soda sommeliers for the day at the tasting room, sampling different Coca-Cola products from around the world. The Vault of the Secret Formula stands as a testament to the brand's legacy, igniting young minds with its mystery. The 4D theater takes you on a multi-sensory journey, bringing to life the magic behind the world's most famous beverage. It's more than a museum; it's a place where joy bubbles up at every corner, promising a day of fun and discovery.

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Georgia

A rich tapestry of colors and textures welcomes visitors at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Families can embark on a learning journey as they navigate through diverse ecosystems presented in various gardens, including the edible garden where kids learn about the source of their food. The children's garden offers interactive elements and play areas designed to ignite imagination and foster a love for nature. Seasonal events like the Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit in fall offer a delightful twist to your visit, making it a refreshing destination in every season.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Georgia

Step into a world of discovery at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, where learning comes alive. Home to the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, it promises to be a jaw-dropping experience for the little ones. The outdoor Fernbank Forest encourages exploration with nature walks, while the giant screen theater showcases nature's marvels in grand scale, offering a visual feast. Interactive exhibits, designed to pique curiosity and foster a love for science, ensure that every visit is both educational and utterly fun.Ready to fill your weekends with laughter, wonder, and adventure? These day trips promise enriching experiences for your kids and peace of mind (and a heart full of joy) for you. Pack those snacks, tune into your favorite playlist, and hit the road to create cherished family memories that will last a lifetime.

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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