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How to save at restaurants

The savvy foodie's guide to dining out without draining your dough.

May 11, 2023
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Jan 12
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The gist: Enjoying a night out on a budget is as easy as making smart choices, keeping your eye out for deals, and taking some friends along for the ride!

There's nothing quite like the thrill of trying a new dish or revisiting a beloved favorite. But let's be real, the bill can sometimes leave a sour taste in our mouths. But fear not! We’ve got some genuine, tried-and-true tips to help you enjoy your culinary adventures without burning a hole in your pocket.

Water is Your New Best Friend

Now, I know that fancy cocktail or exotic soda is calling your name, but your wallet is begging you to stick with water. It's free, it's healthy, and it won't leave you with a hangover. Win-win-win!

Sharing is Caring (for Your Wallet)

You know how restaurant portions are often enough to feed a small army? Why not split a meal with a friend? You'll save money, and you won't have to deal with the dreaded food coma.

The Early Bird Gets the Discount

Some restaurants offer deals during off-peak hours. So, why not have dinner at 5 pm? You'll get the same great food at a fraction of the price. Plus, you'll beat the crowd!

Be a Specials Sleuth

Keep an eye out for daily or weekly specials. They're like the secret menu for savvy diners.

Coupons: Not Just for Your Grandma

Check out the restaurant's website or social media pages for promotions. There are also apps and websites that offer restaurant deals. A few minutes of research can save you a pretty penny.

The Unsung Heroes of the Menu

Appetizers can be just as satisfying as a main course, and they often come with a smaller price tag. Give them a chance to shine!

Dessert? More Like D-ssave Some Money

Restaurant desserts can be pricey. Consider skipping the dessert and having a sweet treat at home instead. Your wallet (and maybe your waistline) will thank you.

Leftovers: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you can't finish your meal, take it home. It's like getting two meals for the price of one!

Make Dining Out a Treat, Not a Habit

Consider making dining out an occasional treat rather than a daily routine. Your bank account will thank you.

Loyalty Programs, Because Who Doesn't Love Free Food?

Many restaurants offer loyalty programs where you can earn points for every dollar you spend. It's like a rewards program for eating. What's not to love?

Remember, my fellow food lovers, dining out is about enjoying great food and great company. With a little savvy, you can do it without stressing about the bill. So eat, save, and be merry!

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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