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Hidden gem weekend trips from Atlanta

Dive deep into the undiscovered corners near Atlanta and explore the weekends that lay waiting in tranquil escapes and charming locales.

October 25, 2023
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Jan 15
A view of the Atlanta skyline at night.

Sometimes, the magic isn’t in the well-trodden path but in the spaces that offer a break from the rush, the crowds, and the noise. Atlanta, a city buzzing with vibrant culture and history, also harbors a secret: it is a gateway to a myriad of hidden gem weekend trips just waiting to unfold in front of the adventurous at heart. Pack a small bag, fuel up, and get ready to uncover the wonders that lay just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Clayton, Georgia

Picture this: A weekend ensconced by the stunning lakes in the heavenly retreat of Clayton. The place offers a slow-paced, peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Lake Rabun and Lake Burton are two of the popular spots where you can immerse yourself in activities like kayaking, fishing, and taking languid boat rides. In the heart of nature, you can wander through trails adorned with native flora, and even witness local fauna in their natural habitat. Not too far away, you have the historic downtown with quaint shops offering delightful souvenirs to remember your refreshing weekend by.

Tryon, North Carolina

Immerse yourself in the artistic grandeur of Tryon, North Carolina. This haven for art enthusiasts houses galleries rich with local art, sculptures, and breathtaking gardens that constantly serve as sources of inspiration. The town is nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains, offering a serene backdrop for your artistic exploration. Additionally, the vibrant community organizes numerous events throughout the year celebrating different forms of art. A weekend here promises not only rejuvenation but also a blossoming of the creative spirit within you.

Eufaula, Alabama

Eufaula invites you to take a step back in time where beautiful antebellum homes tell tales from a different era. Situated along the beautiful Chattahoochee River, Eufaula offers a splendid array of activities like fishing adventures and bird watching. The historic downtown area is a haven for antique lovers, with shops offering artifacts that carry the essence of bygone times. Cafes with warm and welcoming atmospheres serve as perfect spots to unwind and enjoy a cup of tea as you immerse yourself in the rich history that surrounds you.

Dahlonega, Georgia

Dahlonega, sitting in the heart of Georgia’s wine country, unfolds a mesmerizing world of winemaking. The region is home to several vineyards offering immersive tours where you learn about the intricate processes of crafting fine wines. The tours guide you through picturesque landscapes, weaving through vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. During your visit, ensure to dine at the local restaurants that serve dishes crafted using fresh, local ingredients, promising a gastronomic delight that perfectly complements the exquisite wines.

Highlands, North Carolina

Highlands, North Carolina, captivates with its cool mountain breeze and stunning panoramic views. Venture out on hiking trails that wind through rich green forests leading you to majestic waterfalls. The place serves as a paradise for birdwatchers, offering a chance to spot some unique species. When in town, enjoy a theatrical performance at the Highlands Playhouse or pamper yourself at one of the luxurious spas in the area. The culinary scene here is also noteworthy, offering cozy restaurants where you can indulge in a meal while soaking in the mesmerizing mountain vistas.

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

A short ferry ride from Savannah brings you to Daufuskie Island in South Carolina. The island, devoid of cars, promises tranquility with unspoiled beaches that offer the perfect setting for a relaxed weekend. The island harbors a rich history with sites such as the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation. Dive into the island's vibrant artisan community, which embraces visitors with warm southern hospitality, introducing them to an array of crafts ranging from sculptures to woven goods, all bearing the true essence of the island's rich cultural fabric.

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Chattahoochee Hills invites you to embrace a weekend of harmony with nature. The eco-friendly haven offers a vast array of nature trails for walking and biking. Guided tours provide insights into the community's sustainable living approach, teaching you about organic farming and nature conservation. Here, every dining experience is special with restaurants serving dishes made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The workshops here offer a hands-on experience, allowing you to dive into various crafts, nurturing not only a new skill but also a deep appreciation for artisanal crafts.

Mentone, Alabama

Mentone, a picturesque town in Alabama, is set against the backdrop of Lookout Mountain, offering stunning views that can be enjoyed from several vantage points in the area. The place offers a much-needed escape from the frantic pace of daily life. With numerous cabins and bed and breakfast accommodations available, you get to experience a home away from home. The town offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure during your weekend getaway.

Pine Mountain, Georgia

Pine Mountain, GA offers an oasis of tranquility with its beautiful gardens. The highlight is Callaway Gardens, a 2,500-acre garden where nature showcases a riot of colors through blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies. The gardens also house a butterfly center where you can witness these beautiful creatures up close. Apart from the gardens, F.D. Roosevelt State Park offers a range of outdoor activities. The trails here offer you a close encounter with nature, guiding you through areas adorned with wildflowers, streams, and small waterfalls.Just a stone’s throw away from Atlanta, you have a world brimming with experiences that promise to rejuvenate your spirit and nurture your soul. Whether you are looking for a tranquil retreat by a lake or an artistic escape nestled in the mountains, the vicinity of Atlanta offers it all. You come back not just with a refreshed self but with stories, with experiences and with memories that will beckon you to explore these hidden corners over and over again.

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