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Best weekend trips from Orlando

Discover the most enchanting getaways just a short drive away from Orlando.

November 14, 2023
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Jan 15
A view of the Orlando skyline.

Orlando, with its world-famous theme parks and bustling nightlife, is undoubtedly a gem. But sometimes, the heart yearns for a change of scenery, a little escape from the familiar. If you're nodding in agreement, then you're in for a treat. Here's a list of some of the most captivating weekend destinations that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Orlando. Let's dive in, shall we?

St. Augustine

St. Augustine isn't just a city; it's a journey back in time. As the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the continental United States, it offers a rich tapestry of history and culture. The cobblestone streets echo tales of pirates, Spanish explorers, and ancient treasures. The Castillo de San Marcos stands as a testament to the city's resilience, having witnessed countless battles and sieges. While history is the main draw, the city also offers a plethora of modern-day attractions, from quaint cafes to art galleries. It's a perfect blend of the past and the present.

Clearwater Beach

Imagine a place where the sun kisses the ocean, and the horizon seems endless. That's Clearwater Beach for you. Renowned for its powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, it's a haven for beach lovers. Whether you're looking to indulge in water sports, build sandcastles, or simply bask in the sun, Clearwater Beach has got you covered. As the day fades, the Pier 60 area comes alive with street performers, vendors, and movie screenings. It's not just a beach; it's an experience that rejuvenates the soul.


Tampa is where urban sophistication meets natural beauty. The city is a hub of activity with attractions like Busch Gardens offering adrenaline-pumping rides and the Tampa Riverwalk providing serene views of the Hillsborough River. Ybor City, with its rich Cuban heritage, offers a unique cultural experience, complete with hand-rolled cigars and Latin music. For nature enthusiasts, the Manatee Viewing Center is a must-visit. Here, you can witness the gentle sea cows basking in the warm waters. Tampa is a mosaic of experiences, waiting to be explored.

Fort Lauderdale

Dubbed the "Venice of America," Fort Lauderdale is a city of canals, boats, and unparalleled waterfront beauty. The expansive canal system offers numerous boating and water taxi opportunities, making it a unique way to explore the city. Las Olas Boulevard, with its upscale boutiques and restaurants, is the city's heartbeat. For those looking to connect with nature, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers tranquil trails and picnic spots. And of course, the beaches here are nothing short of spectacular, providing the perfect backdrop for a weekend of relaxation.

Key West

Key West is where the road ends and the adventure begins. This tropical paradise, accessible via the scenic Overseas Highway, is the southernmost point of the continental U.S. It's a place where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. The Hemingway Home and Museum offers a glimpse into the life of the legendary writer, while the sunset at Mallory Square is an event in itself, drawing crowds with its mesmerizing hues. The laid-back vibe of the island, coupled with its vibrant nightlife and historic charm, makes it a must-visit.


Naples is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico, it boasts upscale dining establishments, high-end boutiques, and art galleries that showcase the finest talents. The Naples Pier, stretching into the azure waters, is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists, offering breathtaking sunset views. For those looking to immerse themselves in nature, the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary provides a pristine setting with its boardwalks, wetlands, and diverse wildlife. It's a place where elegance meets nature, offering the best of both worlds.

Ocala National Forest

For those who hear the call of the wild, Ocala National Forest answers with its sprawling expanse of nature's bounty. Spanning over 600 square miles, it's a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Dive into the crystal-clear springs, such as Juniper Springs or Silver Glen Springs, and feel the world melt away. The forest offers a myriad of hiking trails, each promising unique vistas and experiences. For the more adventurous, camping under the starlit sky, amidst the sounds of nature, is an experience like no other. It's nature in its purest form, raw and untamed.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a hidden gem on Florida's northeast coast. With its stunning beaches, historic sites, and a charming downtown area, it promises a serene escape from the daily grind. The Fort Clinch State Park offers both historical insights and natural beauty, with its well-preserved 19th-century fort and scenic trails. Downtown Fernandina Beach, with its Victorian architecture and boutique shops, exudes old-world charm. Whether you're horseback riding on the beach or indulging in the local seafood, Amelia Island ensures a memorable getaway.


Sarasota is where art and nature dance in harmony. The Ringling Museum, a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage, houses an impressive collection of art. The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, with its lush greenery and exotic plants, is a treat for the senses. Siesta Key Beach, with its quartz sand and turquoise waters, is often ranked among the best beaches in the U.S. From opera houses to wildlife sanctuaries, Sarasota offers a diverse range of experiences, making it a perfect weekend destination.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is more than just a beach town; it's a surfer's paradise. Known as the East Coast Surfing Capital, it attracts enthusiasts from around the world. The Cocoa Beach Pier, with its eateries and shops, is a hub of activity. The nearby Kennedy Space Center offers a glimpse into the world of space exploration. Whether you're catching a wave, gazing at a rocket launch, or simply lounging by the shore, Cocoa Beach promises a weekend of fun and frolic.While Orlando is a destination in its own right, the beauty of Florida extends far beyond its borders. Each of these weekend getaways offers a unique experience, waiting to be explored. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let the adventures begin. Safe travels!

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