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Best places to shop in Charlotte

Discover the top shopping destinations in Charlotte, where every corner offers a unique blend of style, history, and culture.

October 6, 2023
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Jan 15
A view of the Charlotte skyline.

We're about to embark on a journey through the heart of Charlotte, where shopping isn't just a pastime, it's a passion. We're confident you'll find something that tickles your fancy in this vibrant city, whether you're a fashionista, a vintage lover, or a foodie.

SouthPark Mall

SouthPark Mall stands as a beacon of luxury in Charlotte. This expansive shopping center boasts over 150 stores, ranging from the opulence of brands like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. to more accessible retail options. It's more than just a mall; it's a testament to Charlotte's commitment to offering a diverse shopping experience. Whether you're hunting for the latest fashion trends or simply want to enjoy a day out, SouthPark Mall promises an experience that caters to every shopper's desires.

Atherton Mill and Market

Atherton Mill and Market is a harmonious blend of history and modern retail. Once a bustling cotton mill, it has been transformed into a shopping sanctuary that houses local boutiques and a vibrant farmer's market. Every corner of this place tells a story, from its rustic architecture to the fresh produce on display. It's not just a place to shop; it's a journey through Charlotte's rich history and its commitment to supporting local businesses.

Plaza Midwood

For those with a penchant for the unique and offbeat, Plaza Midwood is a dream come true. This eclectic neighborhood is a melting pot of vintage stores, record shops, and local boutiques. Every store is a testament to Charlotte's vibrant arts and culture scene. As you stroll through its streets, you're not just shopping; you're embarking on an adventure, discovering hidden gems that speak to the city's soul.

The Shops at Founders Hall

Nestled in Uptown Charlotte, The Shops at Founders Hall offers an upscale shopping experience. It's a blend of renowned high-end retailers and cherished local boutiques. But shopping is just part of the allure. With a plethora of gourmet eateries, it's a place where fashion and food come together in perfect harmony, making it an ideal spot for those looking to indulge in a day of luxury.

Concord Mills

Concord Mills is a testament to the thrill of bargain hunting. As North Carolina's largest outlet and value retail destination, it houses over 200 stores that promise style without breaking the bank. Every visit offers the excitement of discovering a great deal, making it a paradise for those who love the thrill of a good find.

7th Street Public Market

For the culinary enthusiasts, 7th Street Public Market is a haven. Bursting with local and artisanal products, it's a place where food is more than just sustenance; it's an experience. From fresh produce to handcrafted delicacies, every stall is a sensory delight, promising a gastronomic journey like no other.

NoDa (North Davidson)

NoDa, the heart of Charlotte's arts district, offers a shopping experience drenched in culture. With its myriad art galleries, quirky boutiques, and craft beer breweries, it's a place where art and commerce intertwine. Every purchase here is not just a transaction; it's a piece of Charlotte's vibrant arts scene.

Ballantyne Village

Ballantyne Village is the epitome of suburban charm. It offers a tranquil shopping experience, with a mix of well-known retailers and local boutiques. Complemented by a range of dining options, it's the perfect spot for those looking to escape the city's hustle and enjoy a relaxed shopping day.

Birkdale Village

Birkdale Village is where shopping meets entertainment. Set in an open-air environment, it exudes a Main Street charm, offering a mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options. Every visit promises a delightful experience, whether you're shopping, dining, or simply soaking in the ambiance.

Charlotte Premium Outlets

For the dedicated shopper, Charlotte Premium Outlets is a must-visit. Housing 100 outlet stores from renowned designers and brands, it's a place where style meets savings. Every trip promises high-quality products at unbeatable prices, making it a shopping destination that's hard to resist.Each store on our list offers a unique shopping experience that's sure to satisfy your retail cravings. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and shop 'til you drop!

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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