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50 best ways to save money

Thrifty tips to keep your wallet happy!

June 22, 2023
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Jan 15
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The gist: By taking control of your financial wheel, scrutinizing every expense, and using a little DIY gumption, you can set a budget that really works for you.

We know you love the thrill of an impromptu adventure, the sweet sense of snagging a bargain, and the cheeky grin you wear when you've discovered a travel hack. We also know you're no fool to financial follies. That's why we've whipped up these 50 wallet-friendly tips to help you navigate your daily expenses. 

50 Tips for Smart Saving

  1. Put Your Money on Autopilot: Automate your savings to stash cash without lifting a finger.
  2. Be the Boss of Your Budget: Take control and know where every penny goes.
  3. MasterChef Your Way: Why eat out when you can whip up delicious meals at home?
  4. Meal Prep Magic: Spend Sunday prepping, and you'll thank yourself all week.
  5. Bulk is Beautiful: Buy in bulk and watch those savings stack up.
  6. Embrace Public Transit: Save money, meet people, and give Mother Earth a hug!
  7. Subscription Scrutiny: Do a Marie Kondo on your subscriptions - if they don't spark joy, let them go!
  8. Break up with Credit Card Debt: Paying in full each month is a break-up letter to your interest charges.
  9. Kick the Nicotine Nuisance: Your wallet and your lungs will thank you.
  10. Get Crafty with DIY: Who knew saving money could be so satisfying?
  11. Be a Coupon Conqueror: A penny saved is a penny earned.
  12. Thrift Shop Treasures: Find some pre-loved gems at a bargain.
  13. Unplug and Unwind: Lower energy bills and less screen time? Yes, please!
  14. Sell, Baby, Sell: Turn your clutter into cash by selling unwanted items.
  15. Shop with a Mission: Make a list and stick to it like glue.
  16. Generic is Great: Save money with generic brands without compromising on quality.
  17. Luxury – Less is More: Save your splurges for what matters most.
  18. Lunchbox Love: Packing lunch will be the best love letter to your budget.
  19. Treat Your Car like a VIP: Regular maintenance equals fewer nasty repair surprises.
  20. Be a Reuse Revolutionary: Old is the new new!
  21. Ditch the Gym, Embrace the Great Outdoors: Get fit for free in the great outdoors.
  22. Sharing is Caring: Swap, borrow, and lend – it's good for the soul and the pocket.
  23. Stay in and Chill: Embrace cozy nights in and save on nights out.
  24. Green Thumb, Full Wallet: Grow your own food for the freshest savings.
  25. Freeze Your Assets: Freeze leftovers for quick, cost-effective meals.
  26. Embrace H2O: Refreshing, healthy, and oh-so affordable rather than sugary drinks.
  27. Efficiency is Key: Energy-efficient appliances are your secret savings weapon.
  28. Cozy Up Your Home: Insulation reduces energy costs and ups the cozy factor.
  29. Cash Back is the New Black: Use cash back apps to earn while you spend.
  30. Carpool (Karaoke?): Save on commuting costs and have a singalong on the way.
  31. Homemade with Love: Make gifts from the heart, not the wallet.
  32. Downsize Your Castle: Smaller spaces can lead to bigger savings.
  33. Thermostat Throttle: A programmable thermostat keeps your bill as chill as your home.
  34. Cold Wash, Warm Wallet: Cold washing saves energy and keeps clothes bright.
  35. Air Dry to High Fly: Line drying is gentle on clothes and your budget.
  36. Errands on High Gear: Bundle errands together to save time and money.
  37. Showerhead Shakedown: Low-flow showerheads reduce water bills and save precious resources.
  38. Price Comparisons for the Win: Always shop around to get the best bang for your buck.
  39. Credit Score, Schmredit Score: A good credit score means cheaper loans – 'nuff said!
  40. Homemade Cleaning Wonders: Make your cleaning supplies with everyday household items.
  41. 24-Hour Cooling Off: Wait a day before non-essential purchases. Impulse buying, be gone!
  42. Give Your Clothes a Sunbath: Sun-dried clothes smell heavenly and it's free!
  43. Community Events Rock: Have fun for free at local community events.
  44. Sew Cool: A stitch in time saves nine... and dollars!
  45. Snip, Snip, Save: Cut your own hair. It's not rocket science!
  46. Skip the Bottled Water: Save money and the environment with a water filter.
  47. Invest in Lasting Love: Quality over quantity always pays off in the end.
  48. Insurance Introspection: Only keep what's essential.
  49. Free Learning Fiesta: The internet is a treasure trove of free learning resources.
  50. Be a Prompt Payer: Pay bills on time to dodge those pesky late fees.

Savings Tips: In a Nutshell

  1. Automate and accumulate: By setting your savings on autopilot, you can save up to 20% of your income without even feeling it. It's like a digital piggy bank that fills up while you sleep!
  2. Meal prep mastery: Spend a couple of hours on a Sunday whipping up a storm in the kitchen and voila! You could save up to 50% on your weekly food bill compared to eating out or buying on-the-go.
  3. Switch, baby, switch!: By trading those power-hungry appliances for energy-efficient alternatives, you could see up to a 30% reduction on your utility bills. Now that's electrifying news!

So, there you have it! Remember, it's all about making clever, conscious choices that add up to big savings over time. So whether you're shopping for groceries or planning your next escapade, these tips will have you saving like a pro. 

*Prices fluctuate based on season and day of the week.

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